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Effective communication is an important overarching factor to drive action about population level health differences that are avoidable, and therefore considered unfair.

Public health practitioners have an important role in communicating that where people live, work, play and learn has an effect on their opportunities to be healthy. Public health practitioners need to be enabled to understand and talk about how differences in health that are influenced by social and economic factors.

One of the promising practices, identified to guide local public health practice to reduce social inequities in health, is related to communication: social marketing.


Highlights from projects

Our Let’s Talk documents promote understanding of key concepts and contains questions to spark discussions. Two in this series especially focuses on terminology and how we use language: Let’s talk... Health equity and Let’s talk...Population and the power of language.

Upcoming – stay tuned!

In 2014, we will be releasing web-based French and English glossaries, with the purpose of moving toward a common understanding of essential terms.

In 2014, the Canadian Council on Social Determinants of Health, an intersectoral advisory committee to the Public Health Agency of Canada, released the document Communicating the social determinants of health: Guidelines for common messaging. In partnership with the Canadian Public Health Association we will release a resource to help practitioners to apply the guidelines.

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