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Equity-informed responses to COVID-19

To learn more about regional responses in your province or territory, please visit the respective website for your area’s health authority.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve at a rapid pace across the world, equity and solidarity need to be beacons in a values-driven global response. Our societal responses must be infused with the knowledge that COVID-19 will swiftly follow and amplify lines of existing inequities. For this reason, our decisions and actions must consistently place equity at the core.

The NCCDH is responding to COVID-19 by identifying the differential impacts of COVID-19 and amplifying equity-informed responses. We are doing so through the following activities:

1. Hosting Community Conversations (Webinars)

2. Translating knowledge and evidence to support decision-making

3. Maintaining a Resource Hub on COVID-19

4. Participating in knowledge and research partnerships


NCCDH COVID-19 and Health Equity Resource Hub

We will be updating this page with resources related to health equity and the social determinants of health that are of relevance to Canadian public health.  These resources are related to various structural, social, political, cultural and Indigenous determinants of health.

If you would like to contribute a resource to this page or have questions, please contact us.

Click here to be notified when new resources are added to this collection.

Visit other NCCs for additional COVID-19 resources


You can search the NCCDH Hub for resources by topic:

Access to health services
Addressing misinformation
Community engagement 
Food security 
Healthy public policy  
Indigenous health  
Infectious disease 
Intersectoral action 
Mental health 
Multilingual information
Older Adults
Pandemic / emergency planning
Pandemic recovery
Racism / racialization 
Reporting and measurement 
Sex and gender 
Socioeconomic status 
Stigma, discrimination
Working conditions


You can also search the Hub for resources by type:

Commentary (media article)
Data repository
Fact sheet
Journal article
Policy brief
Web page


Online calendar

Since mid-2020, there have been many learning and engagement opportunities around topics related to COVID-19 and health equity that are relevant for public health actors and intersectoral partners.

To track these events in one place, NCCDH staff have initiated a COVID-19 and health equity online calendar. Here, we will list relevant events (e.g. webinars) hosted by the NCCDH as well as other organizations. Please note that the NCCDH does not necessarily endorse the content of external events. 



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