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Achieving health equity for LGBT people

This resource is available in English only.

Achieving Health Equity for LGBT People is an interactive online module developed by the National LGBT Health Education Centre, an organization working to address healthcare disparities that affect LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) people. The module explores health inequities experienced by the LGBTQ community, deepens understanding of core concepts and definitions, and identifies strategies to improve health care for LGBTQ people.

Support for LGBTQ health

Components of the module include the importance of addressing LGBTQ health broadly, including aspects of stigma and discrimination as well as influence on life course trajectories for LGBTQ people. Definitions and core concepts are provided to identify common terminology and increase understanding across sectors and groups.

The resource also offers strategies for supporting LGBTQ people in a clinical setting, including clinical education for culturally sensitive care for LGBTQ communities and a focus on specific issues, such as HIV, smoking/tobacco use and preventive cancer care.

Relevant to public health practice

The module houses segments on LGBTQ youth and creating sensitive and caring environments to serve LGBTQ communities that draw attention to the context of family dynamics and acceptance by healthcare providers.

While the content is largely clinical in focus, there are components that are particularly pertinent to public health practice, such as:

  • information about connecting to services across sectors,
  • advice about collecting and presenting data about LGBTQ populations; and
  • context around the socioeconomic factors that affect health disparities among LGBTQ people.

A glossary of terms related to LGBTQ health provides an opportunity to create common understanding and strengthen communications.

Online modules

Users can access the interactive online module, as well as download PPT slides for later reference. The data and terminology are U.S. based, though core concepts apply to the Canadian context.

Users will need to register with the National LGBT Health Education Centre by creating a username and password to access the modules. Users can opt out of continuing education credits and for receiving e-mail notifications. If the modules do not function in one internet browser, open them in a different browser for full functionality.

Use this resource to:

  • deepen understanding of core concepts related to inequities experienced by LGBTQ communities;
  • facilitate a cross-sector discussion about how public health and primary care can collaborate to reduce LGBTQ health inequities; and
  • initiate discussion with organizations to develop and sustain meaningful engagement with LGTB communities.


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