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Improving health equity in Saskatoon: From data to action

The NCCDH produced a series of case studies that profile action on the social determinants of health in various setting. The cases are designed to help public health practitioners in a range of settings advance health equity within the scope of their practice.

Detailed health information at the neighbourhood level in Saskatoon showed that data averaging was hiding serious health differences among city residents. People in the lowest income areas were many times more likely than their wealthier neighbours to be hospitalized, give birth while in their teens, or have an infant die in its first year of life. Dr. Cory Neudorf, Saskatoon’s Chief Medical Health Officer, used the data as a rallying point to engage citizens, community organizations, municipal departments and other levels of government to work together to address health inequities.

Use this resource to:

  • Learn how to use local data to present health equity issues.
  • Gain the support of citizens in health equity initiatives.
  • Work effectively with a large number of community partners.
  • Successfully communicate health equity issues to the public and the media.

For more information, download this case study, a related presentation, and a summary of the case study methods.

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National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health. (2012). Bridging the gap between research and practice: Improving health equity in Saskatoon: From data to action. Antigonish, NS: Author.

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