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Health Equity Tools 2.0

The University of Victoria’s Equity Lens in Public Health project created an inventory of health equity tools to help people working in public health make sense of the growing number of resources available. The 2016 inventory includes 112 tools, an update of the 2013 iteration that comprised 36 resources.

The research team combed through peer-reviewed and grey literature for tools that clearly identify the improvement of health equity as a goal. The search also included any content that described itself as a guide, resource, audit or framework for health equity. The documents were screened for relevance to public health and for their inclusion of steps or a process to follow. Each entry in the inventory is designed to help the reader find specific categories of information, including objectives, intended users, content, type, how it can be used and information about the application and evaluation of the tool.

The inventory has been organized into nine major categories reflecting broad areas of application, with an appendix that includes a list of practical and theoretical criteria to consider when determining if the tool is useful for you and your organization. There are also a number of additional resources on the ELPH website, including a detailed description of their research program and a list of publications and presentations.

Use this resource to

  • assess the degree to which health equity is integrated into a public health program or policy;
  • measure the impact of a program or policy on the distribution of health outcomes; and
  • promote the inclusion of health equity in public health policies and programs.


Pauly, B., MacDonald, M., Hancock, T., O'Briain, W., Martin, W., Allan, D., Riishede, J., Dang, P., Shahram, S., Strosher, H., & Bersenev, S. on behalf of the ELPH Research Team (2016). Health Equity Tools 2.0. Victoria, BC: University of Victoria.

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