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Health Promotion in Canada: New perspectives on theory, practice, policy, and research, 4th edition

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Several chapters of this book are explored in series of webinars from NCCDH and other organizations. Click here to access the webinar recordings.

Far beyond the limited concept of individual healthy lifestyles, health promotion practice is a key part of public health efforts to address population health inequities. Health promotion work happens across sectors, recognizing the socioeconomic roots of health and the impact of policy development to shape the environments in which health is determined. The book Health Promotion in Canada: New perspectives on theory, practice, policy, and research, Fourth edition  brings together provincial, national and international perspectives to help inform emerging opportunities in health promotion practice to address health in new and innovative ways.

A three-part analysis

The authors of the book’s chapters include voices from a variety of provinces, including both Anglophone and Francophone writers, as well as Indigenous contributors. The first of the book’s three parts describes the context and foundations for health promotion in Canada and offers a historical analysis of health promotion, a review of key concepts including social and behavioural theory, and consideration of ecological health promotion interventions.

The second part provides an overview of health promotion in Canada, with chapters on gender-transformative practice, intervention entry points, inequities in health, mental health, Indigenous community engagement, immigrant health promotion, urban governance, education and human development, social innovation, clinical care, and digital media.
The third part centers around critical reflective practice in health promotion with content related to health in all policies, intervention research, ethics, participatory practice, population health promotion, globalization, and reflections on the future of health promotion in Canada.

Each chapter concludes with critical thinking questions to encourage thoughtful analysis and application of the content to health promotion practice. The chapters also include further readings, relevant websites and complete references. Those who purchase the book also receive an instructor’s manual with learning objectives, discussion questions and student assignments to facilitate the book’s use as a teaching tool across disciplines and institutions.

Use this resource to

  • explore the application of core health promotion principles to address population health inequities;
  • support critical self-reflection on current and potential focus for health promotion practice;
  • advocate for strengthening the application of health promotion to empower and engage with communities; and
  • develop professional education resources and academic lesson plans for educating current and emerging professionals about health promotion.


Rootman, I., Pederson, A., Frohlich, K.L.,, Dupéré, S. (Eds). (2017). Health promotion in Canada: new perspectives on theory, practice, policy, and research.  Fourth edition. Toronto, ON: Canadian Scholars Press.

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