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Communicating the social determinants of health: Income Inequality and Health

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It is challenging to communicate effectively about the everyday factors that affect health. This document applies strategic advice from Communicating the social determinants of health common messaging guidelines, published by the Canadian Council on the Social Determinants of Health, to a contemporary communications challenge of great interest and importance. 

The document shows you how to create effective, targeted messages, using the topic example of making the connection between income inequality and health inequality.  The text demonstrates how to take into consideration the worldviews and values of the people you are trying to communicate to.  It includes examples of effective messages for three audiences: health practitioners, private sector leaders and the media. 

Use this resource to:

  • Create effective messages on income inequality and health that resonate with specific audiences
  • Gain insights into the perspectives of your audiences
  • Identify and use worldviews and frames related to the social determinants of health and health equity


National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health & Canadian Public Health Association. (2014). Communicating the social determinants of health: Income inequality and health. Antigonish, NS & Ottawa, ON: Author

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