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Intersectionality: A curated list

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Intersectionality refers to a concept, theory, lens, analytical strategy, framework and an approach to tackle social injustice. Intersectionality recognizes that people have multiple identities that interact with various systems of power and oppression, such as racism, classism, and sexism, to shape their daily experiences of privilege and disadvantage. When applied to public health, intersectionality can:  

  • deepen our understanding of how various social and structural determinants of health interact to influence health and wellbeing; and  
  • provide an approach to disrupt systems of oppression producing health inequities. 

This 2022 curated resource list from the NCCDH provides a foundational set of resources and tools to support public health practitioners, decision makers, policy makers, organizations, educators and researchers to understand and apply intersectionality.  

This list includes seminal speeches, journal articles, essays and books, speeches, webinars and podcasts. It is organized under three categories to understand intersectionality including:  

  • the historical roots of intersectionality;  
  • an overview of intersectionality, including key principles, tenets and varied uses; and 
  • the application of intersectionality in public health.  

This curated resource list compliments the NCCDH’s Let’s Talk: Intersectionality that provides foundational primer to intersectionality. 

Use this resource to:  

  • Increase your understanding of intersectionality, its historical roots and key principles
  • Understand how intersectionality is applied to public health practice, research, and policy
  • Reflect on and discuss how to apply intersectionality in your own work, with your team and in your organization


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National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health. (2022). Intersectionality: a curated list. Antigonish, NS: NCCDH, St. Francis Xavier University.

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