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Let’s talk: Racism and health equity

The seventh release in our Let’s Talk series discusses racism as a critical factor that impacts health and wellbeing. It describes the concepts of race, racism and racialization and emphasizes settler colonialism and structural racism as the root causes of health and social inequities experienced by Indigenous and racialized peoples in Canada.

The resource includes discussion questions designed to help public health staff examine their work and consider how they can orient practice towards critical, decolonizing and anti-racist approaches. In addition, the questions ask practitioners to consider how beliefs and stereotypes may influence their practice.

This Let’s Talk provides tips for embracing critical, decolonizing and anti-racist approaches in public health practice and discusses roles public health can engage in to address racism.

We’ve selected a number of tools and resources that public health practitioners can use in acting to eliminate racism.  These can be found in “Key public health resources for racism and health equity: A curated list” (in publication)

Use this resource to:

  • describe key concepts related to race and racism;
  • explain the relationship between racism and wellbeing;
  • identify entry points for anti-racism work in public health; and
  • support a conversation in your organization about how to develop strategies to eliminate racism.

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The Let’s Talk Series is a collection of resources designed to promote discussion and understanding of how key concepts in health equity apply in public health practice. Each resource contains discussion questions to spark dialogue, reflection, and action to address the social determinants of health. 

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