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A new perspective on the health of Canadians

The Lalonde Report was published while Marc Lalonde was Canada’s Minister of National Health and Welfare, and had a transformative effect on the way world thinks about health. It remains one of the founding documents of health promotion. The report outlines a conceptual framework for a holistic understanding of health as an outcome of human biology, environment, lifestyle, and health care organization. The Public Health Agency of Canada describes it as “a cornerstone of Canada's international reputation and a proud historical achievement in the health field.”

Use this resource to:

  • Gain a better understanding of Canada’s historic contributions to health promotion and global public health
  • Reflect on Canadian public health context

Lalonde, M. (1974). A new perspective on the health of Canadians. Ottawa, ON: Minister of Supply and Services Canada. Retrieved from Public Health Agency of Canada website:

Tags: Government, Document, Key Historical Resource