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Overcoming Poverty Together:  The New Brunswick economic and social inclusion plan 2014-19

The New Brunswick Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation  (NBESIC) has a mandate “to develop, oversee, coordinate and implement strategic initiatives and plans to reduce poverty and assist thousands of New Brunswickers to become more self-sufficient.”  This report, Overcoming poverty together:  The New Brunswick economic and social inclusion plan 2014-19 , builds on the momentum of New Brunswick’s initial economic and social inclusion plan launched in 2009 , and was created based on a significant public engagement process, as well as meetings with stakeholders from many sectors.  The goal of the plan is to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life for New Brunswick citizens.

The NBESIC also published an evaluation of its efforts to fulfill the 2009-2014 plan:  The impact of New Brunswick’s 2009-2014 Economic and Social Inclusion Plan.

The updated plan emphasizes community capacity-building, and includes 28 priority actions under four pillars:

  1. Community empowerment:  actions addressing community development, communication, networking, and volunteerism.
  2. Learning: actions addressing child, youth and adult education and training, and preparation for work.
  3. Economic inclusion: actions addressing participation in the labour market and business activity.
  4. Social inclusion: actions addressing food security and healthy food availability, housing, and transportation.

Community Inclusion Networks, with coordinators who work directly with the Corporation, ensure that the voices and needs of the community are integrated into actions.  The collaborative approach helps ensure that the voices of people with experiences of poverty—aboriginal communities, youth, seniors, immigrants, and persons living with disabilities and mental health issues—are reflected in the implementation and fulfillment of the plan.

Use this report to

  • earn about a public engagement process designed to take a broad economic and social inclusion approach to poverty and health
  • investigate how to build on the momentum of a first phase of public engagement and cross-sectoral collaboration
  • learn about ways to involve community members, province-wide, in decision making around poverty reduction


New Brunswick Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation (2015).  Overcoming poverty together:  The New Brunswick economic and social inclusion plan 2014-19. Fredericton, NB: Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation.

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