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Podcast episode transcript & companion document: Disrupting food insecurity & fat phobia (Season 1, Episode 5)

Cette ressource est également disponible en français.

There’s been a series of injustices that have allowed some people to have food and allowed other people to struggle for access to food. So if we’re going to respond to this issue, we must also acknowledge, respond, and dismantle the oppressive organizing principles that impact people’s ability to eat.” – Paul Taylor (Mind the Disruption, Season 1, Episode 5)

Mind the Disruption is a NCCDH podcast about people who refuse to accept things as they are. It’s about people pushing for better health for all. It’s about people like us who have a deep desire to build a healthier, more just world. You can consume Episode 5 in two ways: 1) by listening to the episode and/or 2) by reading this episode transcript and companion document.

This episode transcript and companion document, available in English and French, provides a new way to engage with the Mind the Disruption podcast. It includes a written transcript of Season 1, Episode 5 “Disrupting food insecurity & fat phobia” with key quotes and related resources to prompt further reflection, sharing and exploration.

About this episode: Paul Taylor, the former head of FoodShare and a life-long anti-poverty activist, dismantles the barriers – including fat phobia and weight bias – that constrain people’s access to food on their own terms. Listen to or read this episode to learn about Paul’s story of challenging the status quo with integrity and a deep commitment to the communities he serves. Learn about Paul’s work with FoodShare, Canada’s largest food justice organization, why food justice is critical for addressing food insecurity, and why and how FoodShare has committed to body liberation and fat acceptance to advance its food justice mission.

Later in the episode, you’ll learn from Lillian Yin who reflects on what this means for public health and dietetics practice. Lillian is a registered dietitian with Vancouver Coastal Health’s prenatal outreach program and discusses the health harms of attitudes and systems that discriminate against people living in larger bodies and her desire to contest weight bias and discrimination through her work. In speaking with Lillian, we explore the role public health can play in advancing body liberation as a vital piece of advancing food justice in Canada.


Use this resource to

  • Facilitate discussion about the role of public health to advance body liberation as a vital piece of food justice in Canada
  • Learn about pressing health equity and social and structural determinants of health issues and solutions
  • Explore embedded related resources from NCCDH and others to support public health action to disrupt the status quo


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National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health. (2023). Podcast episode transcript & companion document: Disrupting food insecurity & fat phobia (Season 1, Episode 5). Antigonish, NS: NCCDH, St. Francis Xavier University.  

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