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Population health status reporting: The learning together series

Increasingly, population health status reports are key evidence in the creation and realignment of public and population health policies.  The resources in this Learning Together series summarize the NCCDH Population Health Status Reporting Initiative, which is working to strengthen the integration of social determinants and health equity in population health status reporting processes. 

The NCCDH is using a learning circle approach to bring together health sector stakeholders from across Canada. Through a series of discussions, demonstrations, and presentations, the learning circle offers advice and skills to support Capital Health in Halifax, the practice hub, as they work to integrate health equity into their first population health status report, to be released in 2013.

Read about the work of this initiative in the following documents:

  1. Learning Together: Collaborating to Improve Population Health Status Reporting presents the rationale, objectives and methods of NCCDH’s Public Health Status Report Initiative.
  2. Learning Together: A Learning Circle Approach describes how the NCCDH is bringing people together to share evidence and experience, and to support a practice hub that is working to integrate health equity into its first population health status report.
  3. Learning Together: What is a Population Health Status Report and Why is it Important? summarizes what population health status reports cover, the challenges in creating them, and the opportunities they offer for improving health equity.
  4. Learning Together: Reviewing Evidence on the Purpose of Population Health Status Reports presents the highlights of the March 2012 Learning Circle discussion about the purpose of population health status reporting in Canada, and the evidence supporting its use to increase health equity. 
  5. Learning Together: Selecting Population Health Status Indicators to Advance Health Equity summarizes the May 2012 Learning Circle discussion on how indicators are selected.
  6. Learning Together: Population Health Status Reporting Ethics and Best Practices for Access and use of External Data synthesizes the discussion at the July 2012 Learning Circle. This meeting focused on the use of data from outside the public health sector for assessing and taking action on the social determinants of health.
  7. Learning Together: Representing the Data and Telling the Health Equity Story in Population Health Status Reporting summarizes the October 2012 Learning Circle discussion on effective ways to frame, report, and display data in population health status reports.
  8. Learning Together: Knowledge Translation Methods and Tools for Population Health Status Reporting synthesizes the November 2012 Learning Circle discussion on the methods and tools that best support the iterative process of knowledge translation in communicating population health status findings.
  9. Learning Together:  How and What we Learned about Equity-Integrated Population Health Status Reporting summarizes the results of the developmental evaluation report and reflections from the final meeting of the Learning Circle of the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health (NCCDH) Population Health Status Reporting Initiative in March 2013.

Use these resources to:

  • Learn about the importance and mechanics of population health status reporting.
  • Propose evidence-informed options for integrating health equity indicators into population health status reporting in your organization.
  • Discover how to use the learning circle approach to share experience, use evidence, and inform new ventures.

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