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Public Health Speaks: Organizational standards as a promising practice for health equity

Using organizational standards to make social inequities a public health priority is one of the ten promising practices that guide the NCCDH’s work. In interviews with Connie Clement, NCCDH’s Scientific Director, four public health experts reflect on their experiences of developing and implementing “standards” as part of a process of organizational renewal. 

Comparing the Ontario and British Columbia renewal of public health systems
Dr. Bernie Pauly, School of Nursing, University of Victoria, describes her research comparing public health renewal in British Coloumbia and Ontario .  She reflects on how the work of interpreting concepts and choosing language influenced how equity was incorporated into each province’s public health standards.

Developing Nova Scotia’s public health standards
Janet Braunstein Moody, Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, discusses how the process of developing standards clarified public health’s overall vision, and increased employees’ understanding of their roles in the public health system

Implementing Ontario’s public health standards at Peterborough County-City Health Unit
Dr. Rosana Pellizzari, Peterborough County-City Health Unit, discusses the lessons she learned while implementing provincial organizational standards at the local level. The standards have clarified the organization’s focus and reinforced its partnerships with stakeholders.

Developing a conceptual framework for organizational capacity for public health equity action
Dr. Benita Cohen, School of Nursing, University of Manitoba, describes how health equity champions influenced the design of a conceptual framework for health equity work. The framework helps public health decision makers and practitioners consider the complexity of working for greater health equity. 

Use this resource to

  • Learn about how organizational  standards foster the capacity of public health organizations to do health equity work
  • Learn from people who have developed and implemented organizational standards that bring health equity work to the forefront
  • Advocate for organizational renewal that places “health for all” at the centre of its mission

National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health. (2013). Public health speaks: Organizational standards as a promising practice for health equity. Antigonish, NS: Author.

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