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Reducing the impact of COVID-19 on Black communities in Canada: building confidence and decreasing vaccine hesitancy

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Published March 2021 – in the first months of COVID-19 vaccine rollouts in Canada – Dr.  Upton D. Allen calls for targeted approaches to build vaccine confidence, reduce vaccine hesitancy, and reduce the disproportionate harms of COVID-19 on Black communities in Canada.  

Dr. Allen emphasizes the critical role of addressing the structural barriers that contribute to health disparities that Black communities experience during and after the COVID-19 vaccination efforts: “affordable housing, discrimination, healthcare access and utilization, occupation, education, wealth gaps, community safety among others.” 

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 Allen, U. D. (2021, March 3). Reducing the Impact of COVID-19 on Black Communities in Canada: Building Confidence and Decreasing Vaccine Hesitancy. The Royal Society of Canada.  

Tags: COVID-19, Infectious disease, Racism/racialization, Anti-Black Racism, Document, Commentary