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Social determinants and inequities in health for Black Canadians: A snapshot

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This 2020 report from the Public Health Agency of Canada provides an overview of the health inequalities experienced by diverse Black Canadian communities, as well as the Anti-Black racism and systemic discrimination that drives these experiences.

Section 1: Data on Black Canadians

The first section of the report provides evidence from the research literature and national survey data on the experiences of discrimination for Black Canadians, and the effects of this discrimination on access to health resources, including education, employment and housing.

Section 2: Health Inequities Data Tool

The second section of the report outlines data from the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Health Inequalities Data Tool and other national data sources on health inequalities for Black Canadians in a number of different areas:

  • Educational attainment
  • Income
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Food insecurity
  • Health outcomes and behaviour

The report authors encourage further research and analysis into the links between Anti-Black racism and discrimination and health inequalities.

Use this resource to

  • develop a basic understanding of the discrimination experienced by Black Canadians;
  • support the development of policies that address systemic discrimination and anti-Black racism;
  • reflect on the impacts of anti-Black racism and discrimination on health inequalities; and
  • reflect on implications for health equity promotion.


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Abdillahi, I & Shaw, A. (2020). Social Determinants and Inequities in Health for Black Canadians: A Snapshot. Ottawa, ON: Social Determinants of Health Division, Public Health Agency of Canada.

Tags: Racism/racialization, Anti-Black Racism, Public Health Agency of Canada, Report / Document