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Stepping it up: Moving the focus from health care in Canada to a healthier Canada

The report summarizes key informant perspectives and experiences of intersectoral and whole-of-government approaches in Canada. The pre-conditions and factors that support the launch and success of such approaches are describe, including leadership, creation of a business case, and community engagement. The authors encourage collaborative intersectoral work and recommend policy action that alters the determinants of health to improve health equity. A useful checklist on page 25 synthesizes key pieces of information from the report.

Use this resource to:

  • Learn how whole-of-government and intersectoral initiatives have been initiated and sustained in Canada
  • Inform intersectoral partners about the importance of a population health approach to address the determinants of health
  • Find out about ongoing efforts to reduce health inequities at federal and provincial levels in Canada (see Appendices)


Health Council of Canada. (2010). Stepping It up: Moving the focus from health care in Canada to a healthier Canada. Toronto, ON: Author. Retrieved from


Tags: Community engagement, Intersectoral action, Leadership & capacity building, Report / Document