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COVID-19 and a “crisis of care”

This article contains a feminist analysis of public policy responses and social protections implemented in many countries during the COVID-19 pandemic using a conceptualization of care based on paid and unpaid care and domestic work.

COVID-19 and the gender health paradox

This journal article by Bambra et al. explores the gender health paradox of COVID-19 through biological, social, economic and public policy explanations.

Together we must reset normal

This series of reports from the Canadian Women's Foundation focuses on gender equality and pandemic recovery in Canada. This includes gender-based analyses, restructuring of care sectors and addressing gender-based violence. It also features a background video, advocacy letter, podcast and statistics on gendered impact of Covid-19.

Trans people and COVID-19

Ce billet de blogue du National Center for Transgender Equality donne un aperçu des risques de contracter la COVID-19 qui sont plus particulièrement associés aux personnes transgenres, par exemple la stigmatisation et la discrimination, l’hésitation à chercher de l’aide, les barrières à l’accès aux soins de santé et l’état de santé.