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Mobilizing Opioid Agonist Therapy to bridge gaps during COVID-19

This Equity in Action story is distilled from an interview with Alana Wade (RN) and Cristina Zaganelli (NP) from Alberta Health Services. Their leadership team includes Dr. Ron Lim (Medical Director) and Stacey Whitman (former Injectable Opioid…

Psychological Impact of Anti-Asian Stigma Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Call for Research, Practice, and Policy Responses

This article from Misra et al. describes the mental health and community impacts of the rise in anti-Asian stigma and discrimination during COVID-19. Recommended areas of action include research, implementing evidence-based stigma reduction initiatives, and coordinating federal responses to anti-Asian racism including investment in mental health services and community responses.

Pandemic in an aging world

In this webinar from the Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre at Ryerson University, panelists discuss how age and ageism have factored in to the COVID-19 pandemic. Speakers discuss how we can foster resilience individually to support seniors to be actors in social change during pandemic recovery.

Trans people and COVID-19

Ce billet de blogue du National Center for Transgender Equality donne un aperçu des risques de contracter la COVID-19 qui sont plus particulièrement associés aux personnes transgenres, par exemple la stigmatisation et la discrimination, l’hésitation à chercher de l’aide, les barrières à l’accès aux soins de santé et l’état de santé.