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Pandemic housing policy: Examining the relationship among eviction, housing instability, health inequity, and COVID-19 transmission

This journal article from Benfer et al. considers how housing displacement exacerbates COVID-19 infection rate and death, including a discussion on eviction, transiency, overcrowding, chronic conditions, and the perpetuation of health inequities among Black and Latinx people, proposing housing stabilization measures as critical components to a comprehensive COVID-19 strategy.

A call for a gender-responsive, intersectional approach to address COVID-19

This commentary article from Ryan and Ayadi outlines the short and long-term health and economic impacts of COVID-19 on women and girls, and proposes actionable recommendations for healthcare, public health, and policy development for a gender-responsive, intersectional approach to pandemic planning.

Ethics of COVID-19-related school closures

This commentary article by Silverman et al. explores the ethics of school closures during the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes data indicating significant negative long-term effects for students from families who live with inequities.

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