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Hospital care for patients uninsured due to immigration status during the COVID-19 pandemic in Toronto: Lessons from front-line knowledge translation

Migrants are systemically excluded from universal health coverage, an important social determinant of health. This article describes a model of knowledge translation led by front-line workers to improve access to health services for migrants living in Ontario.

Learning from Practice: Joint Action for Equity - Working together to holistically support the underhoused population during COVID-19

This story outlines how Cool Aid community organization and their partners responded to support people made vulnerable by their housing situation in Victoria, British Columbia during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Equity, community, collaboration, and holistic care were centered. Principles and practices to support improved relationships between community, primary care and public health are highlighted.

COVID-19 Conversation Series Part 5: Finding Hope

This event took place in English with English-language closed captioning and simultaneous interpretation in French. Due to technical challenges, this is not a complete recording. We apologize…

COVID-19 Conversation Series Part 4: Discovering Courage

In this webinar we will reflect on how public health practitioners can show courage through listening, by disrupting the status quo and in speaking out against systems built on core values inconsistent with health equity.

COVID-19 Conversation Series Part 3: Recognizing Power

Explore perspectives on power, and specifically the various ways that power influences, frames or directs public health efforts. We will unpack the many shapes that power can take and the mechanisms through which power reasserts itself following disruptions to maintain the status quo.

COVID-19 Conversation Series Part 2: Leading and Levers

In this session, we look at what it means to lead and at the elements of leadership that are most critical during challenging times. We will explore varied perspectives on the core values of leadership in Public Health, what community leadership means, and the importance of listening and compassion in leadership.