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Let's Talk: Moving upstream

This condensed guide describes how public health works at three levels—downstream, midstream, and upstream—to improve everyone’s chance for good health. It provides definitions, examples and strategies to help practitioners and decision makers think about, and work with, the upstream determinants of health.

Let's Talk: Populations and the power of language

This condensed guide was designed to help individual practitioners, teams and organizations be more intentional about the language we use to describe populations, so that our words empower people and communities.

Let's Talk: Universal and targeted approaches to health equity

Research indicates that interventions designed to close the gap between the most and least healthy can unwittingly result in a wider gap. This resource is a condensed guide to the differences, strengths and challenges of targeted, proportionate and universal approaches to improving health equity.

Let's Talk: Health equity

What is the difference between health inequality, health inequity, and health equity? This document explores the concept of health equity and how it applies to public health practice.

Let’s talk: Racism and health equity

The seventh release in our Let’s Talk series discusses racism as a critical factor that impacts health and wellbeing. The concepts of race, racism and racialization are described, with attention to settler colonialism and structural racism.

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