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Social, political, commercial, and corporate determinants of rural health equity in Canada: an integrated framework

Many health policies are urban-centric, focused on cost-effective considerations, and do not address inequities faced by rural communities. This commentary proposes a framework to assist public health practitioners, policy-, and decision-makers to consider and build health equity in rural communities in Canada.

Community health workers and Covid-19

This short commentary outlines how community health workers can be integrated into multidisciplinary healthcare teams to promote the health of groups experiencing inequities in times of crisis and beyond. The authors illustrate how community health workers play a critical bridging role between clinicians and community members. They conduct wellness checks, facilitate medication delivery, address misinformation, navigate virtual health appointments, provide social connection and more.

Black Health Education Collaborative: The important role of Critical Race Theory in disrupting anti-Black racism in medical practice and education

Implementing Critical Race Theory is a novel, yet much-needed approach within health education and practice disciplines. In this commentary, the Black Health Education Collaborative introduces Critical Race Theory as it relates to health.