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Environmental Scan

Building a culture of equity in Canadian public health: An environmental scan

This third environmental scan from the NCCDH responds to recent concerns about the Canadian health sector’s significant decline in commitment to public health programs and services. The scan explores implications for the public health sector in undertaking effective action to address the social determinants of health and improve health equity in this context.

An environmental scan and assessment of online learning opportunities

In 2013, the NCCDH set out to identify and assess good-quality online learning courses on the topics of the social determinants of health and health equity (in both English and French) for public health staff. This report describes our purpose, methodology and results.

Boosting momentum: Applying knowledge to advance health equity

This report is a follow-up to the NCCDH’s 2010 environmental scan, Integrating social determinants of health and health equity into Canadian public health practice. It is based on a literature review, focus groups and key informants, and identifies ways that the context and practice of health equity work in the public health domain have changed since 2010.