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A bridge to universal healthcare: The benefits of Ontario’s program to make hospital care accessible to all residents of the province

In March 2020, Ontario's Ministry of Health temporarily expanded hospital funding to cover all uninsured residents. This report gathers data from health care professionals to document how this unique funding expansion impacted the health and well-being of uninsured individuals.

Hospital care for patients uninsured due to immigration status during the COVID-19 pandemic in Toronto: Lessons from front-line knowledge translation

Migrants are systemically excluded from universal health coverage, an important social determinant of health. This article describes a model of knowledge translation led by front-line workers to improve access to health services for migrants living in Ontario.

World report on the health of refugees and migrants

This global report defines key concepts, brings together literature and data on the health status and determinants of health for migrants and refugees, and lays out a framework for essential, urgent action for shared health.