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Indigenous health

Towards untying colonial knots in Canadian health systems: A net metaphor for settler-colonialism

This article employs the metaphor that settler colonialism functions as a net with innumerable “colonial knots” that Indigenous Peoples in Canada are trapped within and that prevent them from being able to exercise self-determination and sovereignty. The authors propose that the work of health leaders to dismantle Indigenous-specific racism, White supremacy and settler colonialism requires dedicated, everyday efforts to “untie colonial knots.”

An Introduction to the health of Two-Spirit people

Two-Spirit people’s health must be understood within the context of colonialism and the resurgence of Two-Spirit people. From the National Collaborating Centre for Indigenous Health, this resource is a foundational introduction to Two-Spirit people’s health for all public health practitioners engaged in health equity work.

You are made of medicine

“We all deserve to get the support that we need” – public health practitioners are encouraged to use and share this mental health peer support manual written by and for Indigenous youth who are Indigiqueer, Two-Spirit, LGBTQ+ and Gender Non-Conforming.