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Let’s Talk: Redistributing power to advance health equity

Power imbalance is a root cause of health inequities. This installment of the Let’s Talk Series guides recognition and analysis of power imbalance in public health. It also gives examples of how to deploy strategies to both build community power and limit the power of those who benefit from inequity.

Webinar : Glossary of Essential Health Equity Terms

This event took place in English.  Cliquez ici pour le webinaire en français (28 septembre 2022). Health equity, social and structural determinants of health, proportionate and…

Let’s Talk: Intersectionality 

Intersectionality moves us from one dimensional understandings of discrimination and marginalization to the multifaceted roots of injustice. This Let’s Talk defines intersectionality and what it means for public health. It helps readers avoid flattening or whitening intersectionality and instead use it for transformative change.

Intersectionality: A curated list

The NCCDH has compiled this curated resource list to provide a foundational set of resources and tools to support public health practitioners, decision makers, policy makers, organizations, educators and researchers to understand and apply intersectionality.