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Let's Talk

Let’s Talk: Health equity

This installment of the Let’s Talk series introduces key concepts related to health equity and guides public health action to reduce inequities. This document replaces the 2013 resource Let’s Talk: Health equity.

Let’s Talk: Language of health equity

This installment of the Let’s Talk series explores foundational principles of inclusive health equity language, how power and culture are baked into language, and terminology options that are inclusive and anti-stigmatizing.

Let’s Talk: Redistributing power to advance health equity

Power imbalance is a root cause of health inequities. This installment of the Let’s Talk Series guides recognition and analysis of power imbalance in public health. It also gives examples of how to deploy strategies to both build community power and limit the power of those who benefit from inequity.

Let’s Talk: Intersectionality 

Intersectionality moves us from one dimensional understandings of discrimination and marginalization to the multifaceted roots of injustice. This Let’s Talk defines intersectionality and what it means for public health. It helps readers avoid flattening or whitening intersectionality and instead use it for transformative change.

Let’s Talk: Community engagement for health equity

This installment of the Let’s Talk series defines community engagement for health equity and encourages viewing community members as stakeholders and partners in public health decision-making. As a resource, it explores key practices and actions for public health to build capacity for authentic engagement with communities that live with inequities.