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Public Health Speaks: Public health’s role in community organizing

Explore the transformational power of community organizing in public health in this Public Health Speaks resource. Hear insights from experts on bridging partnerships, overcoming barriers and centering advocacy for health equity.

Keeping it political and powerful: Defining the structural determinants of health

Drawing from a review of social and political theories, this paper provides a refined, clear and practical definition of the structural determinants of health. The authors make the case that interventions to address the social and structural determinants of health differ because interventions in the latter shift power relations.

Power Up: A call for public health to recognize, analyze, and shift the balance in power relations to advance health and racial equity of health

Influencing the structural determinants of health to advance health equity requires more than Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) work; it requires shifting the balance of power relations. This editorial calls for public health to act intentionally to shift power relations.

Commercial determinants of health: Future directions

This journal article details the role the commercial sector will play in global health and health equity. It outlines practical steps the commercial sector can take to prevent health harms caused by the commercial determinants of health. These practical examples can guide public health practitioners whose work overlaps or involves collaboration with the commercial sector.