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Structural determinants

Climate change, population health, and health equity: Public health strategies and health and health equity benefits of five local climate solutions

The report encourages public health organizations and agencies to strengthen integration of climate change mitigation strategies into their work. Case studies are provided that tell the story of local public health organizations and agencies collaborating with municipalities and community groups to inspire and guide public health action.

World report on the health of refugees and migrants

This global report defines key concepts, brings together literature and data on the health status and determinants of health for migrants and refugees, and lays out a framework for essential, urgent action for shared health.

Power Up: A call for public health to recognize, analyze, and shift the balance in power relations to advance health and racial equity of health

Influencing the structural determinants of health to advance health equity requires more than Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) work; it requires shifting the balance of power relations. This editorial calls for public health to act intentionally to shift power relations.