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Structural determinants

Determining Health: Food systems issue brief

This issue brief describes key concepts needed to understand what food systems are and why they matter for public health in the Canadian context. Drawing on peer-reviewed and grey literature, it further explains how food systems impact health inequities.

Let’s Talk: Determinants of health

Informed by conversations with diverse thought leaders, as well as relevant peer-reviewed and grey literature, this Let’s Talk summarizes current thinking about the social, ecological and structural determinants of health. A tree graphic illustrates the underlying drivers of health inequities and supports reflective, action-focused discussion with public health professionals, policy makers and partners.

Keeping it political and powerful: Defining the structural determinants of health

Drawing from a review of social and political theories, this paper provides a refined, clear and practical definition of the structural determinants of health. The authors make the case that interventions to address the social and structural determinants of health differ because interventions in the latter shift power relations.