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August 8, 2024 | 12:00 – 1:00 pm ET

How can public health promote decent work as a social determinant of health?


“Precarious employment and hazardous work are pressing sources of health inequity in Canada and, as such, are key areas for intentional, well-resourced public health action.” – Decent work practice brief  

Precarious employment contributes to poverty, food insecurity and housing instability for workers and their families and is associated with poorer mental and physical health outcomes, including higher rates of occupational injury and illness, for workers.  

In our January 2024 webinar, we explored the health and health equity consequences of precarious employment and hazardous working conditions in Canada.  

Join us for this follow-up webinar where we will focus on how the Canadian public health community can promote decent work – a vital social determinant of health and health equity.


Who should attend:

  • Public health and community health practitioners, professionals, policy makers and decision makers  

  • Instructors and educators  

  • Students   

  • Researchers

Webinar objectives:

  • Explore four roles for public health to advance decent work and health equity
  • Describe three essential cross-cutting approaches to tailor decent work actions to address local worker needs and context  
  • Identify real world examples of how public health and community health practitioners and organizations have responded to precarious employment conditions and hazardous working conditions in their communities 

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