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Webinar: NCCDH environmental scan findings and their implications

This webinar took place in English. Click here to access the recording (in English only).

In this webinar, the NCCDH unpacked the results of its recent assessment of public health’s capacity to act on the social determinants of health and health equity in light of sector-wide restructuring. The document, titled Building a culture of equity in Canadian public health: An environmental scan, is the third report of this type produced by the NCCDH, following similar scans undertaken in 2014 and 2010. The discussion also included contributions from informants from the field, who commented on how the themes in the scan apply to their own practice.


Connie Clement,
Scientific Director, NCCDH


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Building a culture of equity in Canadian public health: An environmental scan (2018)  

Recording here (English only)

  • Presenters:
  • Connie Clement
    Connie Clement

    Connie Clement, BSc

    Scientific Director Emeritus

    Connie Clement joined the NCCDH in January 2011. Before working with the NCCDH, she spent nearly three decades at Toronto Public Health as director of policy and planning when six public health units merged, and held varied management and front-line health promotion and sexual health positions. Connie was also the executive director of Health Nexus/Nexus Santé, an Ontario-oriented health promotion organization, and of Social Venture Partners Toronto, a venture philanthropy collaborative; she was also managing editor and collective member of Women Healthsharing. Connie holds a BSc in Biology/Sociology from Trent University. Connie received the Canadian Public Health Association’s certificate of merit in 2014.

    [email protected]

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