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Webinar: An introduction to decent work as a social determinant of health

This event took place in English only.

Work is a powerful condition of everyday life that can harm or promote the health of workers and their families. Employment conditions and working conditions are two interrelated social determinants of health. 

Workers who experience structural oppression are disproportionately exposed to the precarious employment and hazardous working conditions that are harmful for physical and mental health.

As a rising source of health inequities, precarious employment is a key area for public health action.

If precarious employment is the problem, decent work – a shared vision and movement for change – is the solution. 

Join us for this foundational webinar, where we will introduce core concepts and practical examples to support the public health field to understand and respond to employment and working conditions as key determinants of health and health equity across Canada.


Who should attend?

  • Public health and community health practitioners, professionals, policy makers and decision makers
  • Instructors and educators
  • Students
  • Researchers

Workshop objectives:

  • Explore the health and health equity consequences of precarious employment and hazardous working conditions in Canada.
  • Demonstrate the relevance of a shared vision for decent work to population and public health priorities.
  • Identify practical examples of public health action to advance decent work.

Event format:

This webinar will be delivered in English. Registration will be limited; however, the webinar will be recorded and made available on this page following the webinar.



Carolina Jimenez, Knowledge Translation Specialist, NCCDH

Rebecca Cheff, Knowledge Translation Specialist, NCCDH


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