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COVID-19 Conversation Series Part 4: Discovering Courage

This event took place in English with English-language closed captioning and simultaneous interpretation in French.


This Conversation 

As we move further into this conversation series, we build on our earlier discussions of listening, leading, and recognizing power. As we transition to summer, we shift our discussions to courage and hope in recovery and regeneration. In this session, we explore opportunities for courage and what courageous action can look like in public health. We will reflect on how public health practitioners can show courage through listening, by disrupting the status quo and in speaking out against systems built on core values inconsistent with health equity. We will discuss bold, brave actions we can take to defend all beings. We will consider the importance of being courageously persistent and resilient when re-organizing and re-structuring systems that influence health. 


The Series 

In this conversation series, we will explore listening, leading, and recognizing systems of power, as well as ways in which courage and hope are fostered for equitable, regenerative public health systems. The conversations will create space for collective healing and recovery. 



Dr. Claire Betker,
Scientific Director,



Catherine Baxter Shannon Waters
Dr. Gaynor Watson-Creed,
Associate Dean,
Catherine Baxter,
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing, Brandon
Dr. Shannon Waters, Medical Health Officer,