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Webinar: Glossary of Essential Health Equity Terms

This event took place in English. Cliquez ici pour le webinaire en français (28 septembre 2022).

Health equity, social and structural determinants of health, proportionate and targeted universalism, decolonization… Do you find it challenging to explain these concepts and to apply them in practice?

This interactive session will present the Glossary of Essential Health Equity Terms to enhance effective communication and action on the social and structural determinants of health and health equity. This 2022 version of the Glossary of Essential Health Equity Terms (an evolution and expansion of the  2014 version) contains 32 terms and descriptions organized into four groupings – Core Concepts, Roots of Health, Relative Influences, and Interventions & Strategies.


Participants will learn about:  

  • The importance of using health equity terminology that is applicable to cultural context and understanding of concepts
  • How accurate descriptions of health equity concepts can help identify the root causes of health inequities and opportunities for action
  • Practical examples and strategies for communicating about health equity


Participants will work in small groups to explore the meaning of key terms and application to their practice. This webinar will be of interest to practitioners, educators, policymakers, academics, researchers and organizations in health promotion and public health.



Dianne Oickle,
Knowledge Translation
Specialist, NCCDH
Caralyn Vossen,
Knowledge Translation Coordinator, NCCDH


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