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Webinar: Addressing Inequity and Abuse in Long-Term Care: Implications for Public Health Practice

This webinar took place in English with closed captioning and simultaneous French interpretation.

In this National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health event, an expert team of researchers from McMaster University will present findings from a CIHR-funded study that sheds light on abuse and inequity in long-term care homes in the province of Ontario. Using administrative data from Ministry of Long-Term Care inspection reports, the study demonstrates that the conditions are not improving in some homes and current legislative reforms and sanctions are not enough. Implications for public health will be discussed. 

Participants will learn about:   

  • trends in resident abuse in long-term care homes in Ontario; 
  • an example of one province’s response to these trends;
  • the potential role of public health practitioners;
  • implications of findings; and
  • the impact of ageism on equitable care.


Andrea Baumann Mary Crea-Arsenio
Andrea Baumann, Associate Vice-President, Global Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University, Director, World Health Organization Collaborating Centre in Primary Care and Nursing Health Human Resources
Mary Crea-Arsenio, Senior Research Analyst in Global Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University



Claire Betker
Claire Betker,
Scientific Director, NCCDH 


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