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Webinar: Collective impact, health equity and public health

Join us for a discussion of how participating in a collective impact initiative can deepen public health’s commitment to community engagement and health equity.

This webinar will be of interest to anyone looking to learn more about working with community to make change; however, we recommend you read Collective Impact 3.0 from the Tamarack Institute before attending, or watch the video below in which Liz Weaver and Mark Cabaj of Tamarack share their insights about the evolution of collective impact and what it will take to get to transformative community change.

Link to vdeo:

We also welcome you to review the recent NCCDH publication on this topic, which covers stories of the Vancouver Island Child and Youth Health Network and London, Ontario’s Child & Youth Health Network

Our speakers:

Petra Chambers-Sinclair, collective impact consultant and former coordinator of the Child and Youth Health Network of Vancouver Island Louis Sorin, Chair of the NCCDH Advisory Board and CEO of End Homelessness Winnipeg Hannah Moffatt, Population Health Equity Initiatives Leader,
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

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