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Webinar: Developing public health leadership for health equity action

Presented collaboratively by the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health (NCCDH) and the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools (NCCMT)

Attention to health equity within the public health sector has increased in recent years due to a growing evidence base, greater commitment to action by leadership, the incorporation of health equity into strategic plans and priorities, the creation of positions dedicated to health equity, and the development of both guidance documents and organizational capacity.

Public health leadership to advance health equity occurs at community, organizational and societal levels. Leadership is influenced by values and is grounded in relationships, helping to shape the internal and external environments in which public health functions. However, public health practitioners in formal and informal leadership positions do not always receive adequate leadership training, regardless of their educational background.

This webinar considers strategies to develop and support public health leadership to advance health equity. The discussion revolved around the results of a 2016 scoping review of literature on public health leadership for action on health equity (Betker, 2016). Drawing on Betker’s work, the event highlighted key attributes of leadership, such as being oriented to values of social justice and solidarity, and will also address how to align leadership attributes with public health roles for health equity.

Participants will learn about

  • key attributes of public health leadership for action on health equity;
  • importance of values and relationships to leadership for public health action on health equity; and
  • tools, strategies and mechanisms to support public health leadership development for action on health equity.


Dianne Oickle, Knowledge Translation Specialist, NCCDH Dr. Claire Betker, Executive Director, Active Living, Population and Public Health, Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living Dr. Donna Ciliska, Senior Knowledge Translation Advisor, National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools


What contributes to successful public health leadership for health equity? An appreciative inquiry (2013) Public Health Speaks: Public health leadership for health equity (2015)
Public Health Speaks: Leadership for health equity [video] (2013) Leadership for health equity: Working intersectorally and engaging the community in Western Health (2014)
Public health leadership to advance health equity: A scoping review and metasummary (2016)  


  • Presenters:
  • Donna Ciliska, Claire Betker, 
  • Dianne Oickle
    Dianne Oickle

    Dianne Oickle, MSc, BSc

    Knowledge Translation Specialist

    Dianne is a dietitian with over 15 years’ experience working in public health in Ontario focused on reproductive and child health in a mostly rural setting with many diverse clients. Part of her work involved development of practice guidelines for health professionals, train-the-trainer initiatives, public presentations, educational resource development, working with the media, community coalition and network support, writing for the public and professionals, and program planning, implementation, and evaluation. She has taught university nutrition courses, worked with the provincial network supporting and advocating for dietitians in public health practice, and precepted over 20 dietetics and other students. Dianne earned her BSc in Nutrition and Consumer Studies (now Human Nutrition) at St. Francis Xavier University, and her MSc in Nutrition from the University of Saskatchewan.

    [email protected]

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