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Webinar: The anatomy of a health equity–oriented organization: Insights on organizational capacity

This webinar took place in English. Click here to access the recording (English only).

As part of the Organizational Capacity for Health Equity Action initiative the NCCDH is hosting a series of webinars to discuss ways to strengthen organizational capacity for health equity. The webinar series is based on evidence, learning circle discussions and experiences of the two public health organizations implementing organizational change projects. This is the first webinar in the series.

Public health organizations are increasingly acting on the everyday conditions that affect health in order to reduce systematic and unfair differences in health and social outcomes for population groups. As a result, organizational capacity for health equity — the ability to identify existing health inequities and act to reduce them — is a key area of investment. 

To meet these aims, organizations in pursuit of health equity are encouraged to build their organizational capacity to engage in deep and sustained action. Organizational and systems capacity consist of various domains, such as staff knowledge and skills, multisectoral and community partnerships and leadership and governance structures. 

The Organizational Capacity Initiative practice framework

Through the Organizational Capacity Initiative, we are developing and testing a broad framework that prioritizes influencing the social determinants of health equity action. This webinar discussed eight key areas of capacity for organizations seeking to improve health equity. These areas may have systemic, organizational and individual level components. Strengthening organizational capacity in these areas will enable organizations to more effectively enact health equity roles.

Participants will learn about

  • key elements of organizational capacity for health equity;
  • practical applications of these key elements to address health equity; and
  • systemic, organizational and individual aspects of organizational capacity for health equity.


Sume Numbe-Eyoh, Senior Knowledge Translation Specialist, NCCDH
Bernie Pauly, Bernie Pauly, Associate Professor, University of Victoria,
and Principal Investigator, ELPH Research Program
Sana Shahram,
MSFHR Postdoctoral Fellow, Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research (CISUR)
Benita Cohen,
Associate Professor, University of Manitoba
Tania O'Connor,
Public Health Nurse,
Ottawa Public Health


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A conceptual framework of organizational capacity for public health equity action (OC-PHEA) (2013)


Click here to access the recording (English only).

  • Presenters:
  • Bernie Pauly, Sana Shahram, Benita Cohen, Tania O'Connor, 
  • Sume Ndumbe-Eyoh
    Sume Ndumbe-Eyoh

    Sume Ndumbe-Eyoh, MHSc

    Sume has professional experiences in equity-focused organizational and community development and change, social justice education, HIV/AIDS prevention, research, knowledge translation, evaluation and women's rights with local, provincial and global organizations. Sume has previously contributed to teams at the Program Training and Consultation Centre of the Smoke Free Ontario Strategy, the Regional Diversity Roundtable, Ontario HIV Treatment Network, Southern African AIDS Trust and the Centre for Social Justice. Sume holds a Masters of Health Sciences in Health Promotion and Global Health from the University of Toronto.

    [email protected]

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