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Season 1, Episode 9

Bonus Episode: Tackling weight discrimination in nutrition and public health

May 16, 2023

Registered dietitian Lillian Yin joins us to talk about why weight discrimination is so harmful. She shares her vision for a nourishing future of public health and nutrition, as well as practical ways to challenge weight bias and discrimination in our daily lives and areas of work.

Season 1 of Mind the Disruption was a success! We’ve decided to release bonus content from three episodes. This standalone episode features more from Lillian Yin who works at Vancouver Coastal Health and who was a reflective guest on Episode 5 Disrupting Food Insecurity & Fat Phobia.


Lillian Yin

Lillian Yin is of East-Asian descent with roots in Taiwan and China. As a registered dietitian and diabetes educator, she has been privileged to serve in spaces across the spectrum of life, from infancy and pregnancy, through adolescence and older adult years, and various areas of the health system ranging from acute and primary care to community and public health. Recently, she joined the Health Promotion Team at Vancouver Coastal Health Authority as Team Lead to support the public health team in doing more upstream, health promotion work, addressing the social determinants, root causes of health and challenging dominant cultures which fuel the systems we live, work, and play in. Her principles of care are framed by social justice, equity, strength-based and cultural safety. Driven by her passion to advance social justice and achieve health equity within the wider system through collective action, she is currently pursuing a Master in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University.

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