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Equitable Pandemic Preparedness and Rapid Response: Lessons from COVID-19 for Pandemic Health Equity

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Examining the question “How can the U.S. be better prepared and ensure a rapid response that reduces rather than exacerbates social and health inequities” - the authors of this article call for action to increase promotion of social justice and health equity in pandemic preparedness and response efforts. Action that is grounded in evidence and community expertise and engagement is proposed. Focus on upstream and midstream preparedness as well as downstream rapid response efforts is essential to effective action.

Alberti, P. M., Lantz, P. M., & Wilkins, C. H. (2020). Equitable pandemic preparedness and rapid response: Lessons from COVID-19 for pandemic health equity. Journal of health politics, policy and law, 45(6), 921–935.

Tags: Community engagement, COVID-19, Journal Article