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Environmental health

A review of frameworks on the determinants of health

This document presents a brief analysis of 37 social determinants of health frameworks that best reflect an intersectoral perspective. It also offers an in-depth analysis of the seven frameworks considered most useful for understanding and acting on the social determinants across sectors.

Climate change, health, and equity: A guide for local health departments

This guide from the American Public Health Association provides a comprehensive overview of the link between climate change and population health, the impact on groups already at a disadvantage due to structural inequities, and core public health roles to address climate change and population health inequities.

Cross-country analysis of the institutionalization of health impact

This report describes and compares the institutionalization of health impact assessment (HIA) in nine middle- and high-income countries, and within the European Union, with an eye to identifying the factors that enhance effective and wide-spread implementation of HIA.