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Collaborative decision-making with communities (US) – Online course

This course is one of a series from the Evidence Based Behavioural Practice (EBBP) website that looks at shared decision-making in a variety of settings, from working with individual clients to implementing programs for entire communities.

This online module is unique in that it uses scenario-based training to guide participants through a case, from the point of view of a public health program manager working in a local health department. Using this scenario, participants learn about the collaborative decision-making process as a public health practitioner working with communities.

This online course is intended for a wide-ranging audience, including health and public health practitioners.  It provides a safe environment to apply and refine your decision-making skills by implementing the Evidence-Based Practice “Three Circles” model. By the end of the course you should be able to: define collaborative decision-making; describe the rationale for collaborative decision-making in evidence-based practice; and balance the three circles of evidence-based practice when applying collaborative decision-making with a community.

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Evidence-Based Behavioural Practice. (2007). Collaborative decision-making with communities [online course]. Retrieved from

Tags: Community engagement, Key concepts, Methods & tools, Public health unit / health authority

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