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A developmental evaluation primer

The Developmental Evaluation Primer introduces the concept of developmental evaluation and provides tools to support its use. The primer is based on collaboration between the JW McConnell Family Foundation, DuPont Canada, and the PLAN Institute for Caring Citizenship, as they used developmental evaluation as to track methods and procedures involved in social innovation. Their evaluation experience included a series of developmental workshops, and was enhanced  by the involvement of Michael Quinn Patton, an internationally recognized evaluator and the author of Getting to Maybe. This resource provides tools and language that support ongoing learning. This is particularly relevant when evaluating complex problems that require innovative solutions, such as those related to the social determinants of health.

Use this resource to:

  • Increase knowledge about the ideal conditions for using developmental evaluation
  • Develop an understanding of what skills and capacities are necessary for developmental evaluation
  • Learn about appropriate tools for developmental evaluation, including network mapping, revised and emergent   modeling, appreciative inquiry, simulations and rapid reconnaissance

Gamble, J. A. A. (2008).  A developmental evaluation primer.  Retrieved from The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation website:

Tags: Evaluation, Methods & tools, Report / Document

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