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Improving COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake among Black Populations: A Systematic Review of Strategies

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This systematic review identifies effective strategies that enhance COVID-19 vaccine uptake among Black populations, noting that vaccine hesitancy is high in Black populations in Canada, the US, and the UK. Authors categorized interventions into three types: incentive-based, mandate-based, and communications and information-based.

Strategies found to be most effective included multi-part interventions with communications, community engagement and outreach, culturally inclusive materials, and interventions that increase accessibility. Reflecting on historical, political, and sociocultural contexts of Black populations, interventions that reinforce culture are more likely to succeed in reducing concerns about COVID-19 vaccines and increase vaccine rates among Black populations.

Adeagbo, M., Olukotun, M., Musa, S., Alaazi, D., Allen, U., Renzaho, A., Sekyi-Out, A., Salami, B. (2022). Improving COVID-19 vaccine uptake among Black populations: A systematic review of strategies. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19 (11971): 1-16. Doi:  

Tags: COVID-19, Racism/racialization, Journal Article