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UN research roadmap for the COVID-19 recovery

This resource is available in English and French

Designed to complement the United Nations (UN) resource titled Framework for the immediate socio-economic response to COVID-19 (April 2020), this document provides guidance on how to use research to ensure COVID-19 socioeconomic recovery efforts stimulate equity, resilience, sustainability and progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

This document aims to:

  • ensure recovery efforts informed by best available research;
  • support learning from early response efforts to inform later recovery;
  • bring renewed focus to systemic issues and marginalized populations; and
  • enable international scientific collaboration through a unifying global framework.

The report was developed through a global participatory process with researchers, research funders, government policymakers, civil society leaders and UN officials. It outlines 25 top research priorities and sub-priorities for each of the five pillars of the UN’s socioeconomic recovery framework:

  1. Health systems and services
  2. Social protection and basic services
  3. Economic response and recovery programs
  4. Macroeconomic policies and multilateral collaboration
  5. Social cohesion and community resilience

These research priorities are united by interdependence, demonstrating the need for recovery efforts to prioritize equity, resilience and sustainability.

Beyond research priorities, the report provides strategies for strengthening research ecosystems (data infrastructure, implementation science, rapid learning systems, knowledge mobilization and the science of science). It also offers suggestions for using this Roadmap to create science informed and inspired recovery efforts.

Use this resource to

  • better understand research priorities for socioeconomic recovery;
  • strategize about implementing research systems, processes and practices in order to support COVID-19 recovery efforts that consider equity, resilience and sustainability; and
  • support science-informed and science-inspired COVID-19 recovery efforts.


United Nations. (2020). UN research roadmap for the COVID-19 recovery. Leveraging the power of science for a more equitable, resilient and sustainable future.

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