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Vancouver Coastal Health Population Health: Advocacy guideline and resources

This document is available in English only.

The original purpose of this resource was to provide Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) staff with guidelines, parameters and resources for undertaking population health advocacy. VCH has made it available on its website to support the advocacy work of public health practitioners in other jurisdictions. 

The guidelines present the principles of advocacy within VCH’s organizational and administrative policies. They propose that advocacy topics and activities should

  • provide a non-partisan viewpoint
  • adhere to the professional standards of your occupation
  • focus on the health impacts of an issue

The resources include an “advocacy in action” framework with a worksheet for starting your advocacy plan. The document has links to tools and materials from other organizations. 

The VCH population health webpage  offers a rich array of videos, strategic planning documents and key resources related to the work of improving population health.

Use this resource to

  • learn more about the concept and role of advocacy in creating positive change for people and their environments
  • plan and implement an advocacy initiative from within a health service organization
  • identify organizations that do advocacy work, and tools that can help you plan an advocacy campaign

Vancouver Coastal Health (n/d).  Advocacy guideline and resources.  Vancouver Coastal Health, Population Health.

Tags: Communicate, Competencies & organizational standards , Healthy public policy, Key concepts, Methods & tools, Report/document

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