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The Syndemic of Inequity and COVID-19 in Virtual Care

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This commentary focuses on the digital inequities that prevail in the growing virtual care system post-COVID-19. Through the lens of syndemic theory, the author contends that current health care system norms continue to view pluralism as a deviation to the rule, and vulnerabilities as homogenous among groups. This approach fails to account for intersectionality within the broader social and economic context and by continuing to follow the ‘norm’, we risk translating existing systemic bias into the digital world by “instinctively cod(ing) [it] into algorithms”.

Chaudhuri, E.R. (2022). The syndemic of inequity and COVID-19 in virtual care. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 24(6). Doi: 10.2196/37717  

Tags: Access to health services, COVID-19, Assess and report, Document, Commentary