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Alternative federal budget recovery plan

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The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ 2020 Alternative Federal Budget Recovery Plan is the result of an intersectoral collaboration between several organizations and researchers. The authors emphasize the relationship between public health and economic health and outline concrete, equity-focused plans for a caring economy, income support, healthier communities and addressing the needs of sectors most impacted by COVID-19.

A health-in-all-policies approach

The recovery plan takes a health-in-all-policies approach to planning for a just recovery from COVID-19. It includes short-, medium- and long-term responses that could be made by the federal government in the following areas:

  • Affordable housing and homelessness
  • Agriculture
  • Arts and culture
  • Childcare
  • Cities and infrastructure
  • Climate change, just transition and industrial strategy
  • Disability
  • Employment insurance
  • First Nations
  • Food security
  • Gender equality
  • Health care
  • Immigration
  • International assistance
  • Macroeconomic recovery
  • Non-profits and charities
  • Post-secondary education
  • Poverty
  • Public services
  • Racial equality
  • Recognition, justice and development for Black Canadians
  • Seniors’ care
  • Tax fairness
  • Trade and industrial strategy
  • Water
  • Youth

The authors call for immediate investment in universal childcare, employment insurance, health and decarbonization. They also recommend addressing the gender, racial and income inequality that has been both exposed and exacerbated by COVID-19.

Use this resource to

  • increase your understanding of a range of policy options related to the social determinants of health and health equity;
  • support collaboration across sectors related to the COVID-19 response and future recovery; and
  • participate in policy development related to a just and sustainable recovery from COVID-19.


Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. (2020). Alternative federal budget recovery plan. Retrieved from:

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