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Public Health Speaks: Public Health Roles for Improving Health Equity

In September 2013, the NCCDH hosted an online conversation to discuss the four-role model for public health action to improve health equity that we described in one of our Let’s Talk series.  Participants in the conversation talked about:

  • which role areas they were working in and what activities they were involved in with that role,
  • which role areas they would like to do more work in, and
  • what was getting in the way of doing more work in a particular role area

Participants identified a number of conditions that support public health staff in their ability to act within the four roles:

  • Assess and report
  • Modify and orient
  • Partner with others
  • Participate in policy development

Use this resource to

  • Discover resources that related to the four-role model
  • Learn how others in the public health community are working in each of the role areas
  • Identify enabling organizational factors that make working in the four role areas possible
  • Discover new programs and initiatives that public health staff are involved in, within the four role areas.


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Tags: Assess and report, Community engagement, Competencies & organizational standards , Healthy public policy, Intersectoral action, Leadership & capacity building, Modify & orient, Policy analysis, Public health unit / health authority

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